Happy Tails

Here are some kind words from new parents – we can’t thank them enough for providing loving homes for animals in need!
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“Quick update for you all… both boys were neutered at the beginning of August. They did really well and healed very quickly. Archer is currently weighing in at 61 lbs (on track to be close to 100 lbs!), Mac is a bit behind at 47 lbs. They are best buds and loving life. Thanks again for saving them! They are such a gift in my life.”

~ Gabriella

“I adopted grand back in May! His name is goose now. He is an amazing boy. I take him just about everywhere with me, he is the sweetest and has changed my life in the best way.”

~ Riley

“I adopted Frackles, now Harper, in June 2021 and we are having a fantastic time together! She is such a happy and affectionate little girl. She now has an 11 yo older brother who loves having a playmate and buddy. Today we received the results from the Wisdom DNA service and what a shock! This tiny, fluffy muppet is actually 37.5% American Staffordshire Terrier and 12% boxer mix! The remaining 37.5% “sporting group” and 12% Maltese wasn’t too shocking, considering her mother is an unknown terrier and her fur is so soft. Harper’s ears are starting to stand up but haven’t made it all the way up like her mom’s. I look forward to seeing how she grows up and spending many years together. Thank you so much for giving us such a happy tale!!!”

~ Ashlie

“I wanted to give you an update on Izzy. She has been an absolute blessing for my Mom and Dad! We thought she might be somewhat standoffish for a bit, but they said she has not been at all! My Mom said when they come home from running an errand, she runs around in celebration. She said, ‘I think she loves her new parents and her new home!’ They [appreciate] you so much for everything you all have done and continue to do!”

~ Carolyn

“The boys are doing great! They are so happy to be together. Thank you all so much for saving them and allowing me to be their Mom. The work you all do is so important and I will continue sending people your way to adopt!”

~ Gabriella

“Hi from Lucy Thornburg, formerly known as Monet from the artist puppy litter! Today we are celebrating Lucy’s first birthday! She is doing great! She went camping for the first time last weekend and she completed her first 5 mile hike. We are forever grateful that we were chosen to adopt her!”

~ Janet

“We adopted Penny (formerly Brave) a week ago and she has made herself right at home with our 12 year old Lab, 10 year old cat and 4 year old son. She is smart, inquisitive, and has been a complete joy.

The adoption process was easy, and we are so thankful to have found Pet Partners Rescue! Thank you all for this sweet and amazing little one!”

~ Sharon

“We lost one of our little pomeranians last October due to kidney failure. Since then, there has just been an empty spot in our hearts. We want to thank Pet Partners of Caldwell County NC for allowing us to adopt “Miko,” aka Baryshnikov (Misha). He is the perfect fit for our family. He is such a loving little dog. We are grateful and blessed, and we can’t thank you, Pet Partners, enough!”

~ Eric & Vicki Masters

“It has been over a year since we walked into one of your events at Tractor Supply and walked out with a wonderful new four legged member of our family. (We named her Sophie but you probably know her as “Hershey” from the candy bar bunch). I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the opportunity to have her in our lives and to let you know what Sophie has been up to since then.

It seems hard to believe the little pup we got who weighed less than 6 pounds when we got her has grown so much. She’s now a healthy 35 pounds and along with her increase in size, her personality has grown too. She’s our little diva and can often be found sashaying around the house like she owns the place (her furryball Uncle Charlie would much disagree with her claim, but he’s slowly accepting the fact that he has a co-ruler). Her strong-will personality and her zeal for living life to its fullest always has us on our toes. She adds humor to each day and there is nothing quite like the feeling of seeing her snout and paws peeking up at the door window when she realizes someone’s home. She’s certainly dug out a place for herself in each of our hearts.

A couple weeks before her “gotcha” or adoption date, we celebrated her first birthday. There were plenty of treats and toys for her to play with. I would love to attach a picture of her with her birthday bandana on, chowing on her birthday cake. Unfortunately, she was so excited by all that was going on, she didn’t exactly sit still long enough to get a decent picture. I did, however, get a picture of Sophie with her “gotcha” day cupcake and bandana. (and don’t worry. She only gets sweet treats like cupcakes on very special occasions and she had to share with her “Mommy” and “Uncle” Charlie.)

All this to say, THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! We were and are so blessed by your trust in us to adopt our beautiful Sophie girl. And while she still has a great deal to learn, we’re grateful to have her. We hope to keep her for as many years as the good Lord allows her on this earth. Thank you again, so much, Pet Partners! Please keep up the good work in finding wonderful homes for the homeless pets of Caldwell County.

Stay safe and God bless!

~ Katie


“Just wanted to update you on Stella. She is firmly embedded (literally) in our small family and we are delighted to have her. She has proved to be the smartest dog we’ve ever had, and so affectionate & good with people & dogs. She has been a great companion and comfort to my husband, whose Parkinson’s Disease is progressing.

We are taking her with us to NY [for the holidays] to visit my kids (3) + a dog and a cat. Should be fun!

Attached is a pic of her with our friend’s 2 King Cavaliers – they had so much fun playing over the weekend! Too bad they live in FL!

Anyway, thank you for rescuing her & we wish you, your colleagues & family a Blessed Christmas & Happy New Year.”

~ Penny


“We adopted Jasper back in September. We changed his name to Samson. We had a rescued cat previously that was lost. His name had been Jasper.

Samson is doing great. He has had all of his shots for now. He weighs 33 lbs so far and still going strong. I have him enrolled in puppy preschool. He’s smart and picking up things quickly. On Veteran’s Day we went on a mile long hike and he was amazing. I take him to one of daughter’s softball games and all the kids love him.

We’re grateful for all that your organization did to help make it possible for Samson to be part of our family.”

~ Virginia

“I adopted Zoë (Gamora) almost a year ago and she was such a shy girl! Now she has come out of her comfort zone and loves to go out. And of course hang out with her feline best friend!”
~ Nicole

glaze - happy tails

“We adopted Quartz now known as Zion on 9/7/19. He is doing wonderful and keeping us on our toes. He is very curious, smart and energetic. It’s only been a week but he’s totally a part of the family.”
~ Linda


“What a wonderful addition Ellie; now called Nala, has been to our family. She is doing great and is living the good life.”
~ Penny

“Jake’s a sweet, gentle, and loving dog that only wants to cuddle and wrestle with everyone he meets including his two cat brothers Diggs and Todd. He wouldn’t be where he is today without the love that you [and his rescuer] showed him three years ago and my family will forever be one big happy dog larger because you did.”
~ Cody and Kayla

“I hope you all are doing well. I had no trouble at all getting Sticky house broken. She has not used a pad in 5 days. She is very smart. She listens to me and stays with me. I took her to the farm Thursday and Friday working on the garden and she and Weasel played around garden the whole time. Sticky and Weasel got in a playing fit on bed this morning barking and growling. I wish I could have recorded it, it was hilarious! First time I ever heard Sticky bark.”

~ Chad