Precious Tsu

Treeing Walker Coonhound - Young - Female
Adoptable Medium Spayed/NeuteredUp-to-date with routine shotshousetrained

Precious Tsu (/Sue/) has a personality just like her name – precious. She’s handicapped, but doesn’t know she’s disabled. She tries to play and run just like any other young dog. She’s very happy and loves people.

At 9 months, Tsu weighs 40 lb, so is close to her adult weight. There seem to be neurological issues which cause vision impairment. When out in the yard, she’ll orient herself to her foster’s position by listening to voices.

X-rays at 8 weeks old showed that her shoulder blades are deformed, so her ambulation gait is awkward. She loves to run in wide open spaces, but can be knocked down by the other dogs as they race around. Her left front leg seems to function normally but the right has a significant bow. Her back legs sometimes work independently and sometimes in tandem. She has an endearing gallop.

Although she likes all people, Tsu wouldn’t be a good fit for a household with small children. Because of her vision impairment, she sometimes miss-estimates the distance to a treat held in her foster’s hand and in her eagerness catches fingers. If she’s chastising another dog with a nip, and a person gets in the way, her nerve receptors don’t process quickly enough to stop her in mid-action. She doesn’t intentionally nip people, but has been known to grab a pants-leg to try to play tug of war!

Tsu can freely navigate the two steps from carport to kitchen. The three steps to the deck are easy to go up and she’s learned to come down them independently when motivated.

Tsu is praying for a family that likes to get out and do things. She loves going and greeting people. She recently returned from a 2-week vacation with a friend who took her to work everyday. She became their ambassador to visitors. Do you have a business and want everyone to know you welcome handicapped customers? Hire Tsu!

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